Ear Piercing FAQ

Inverness Ear Piercing FAQ:

Inverness Canada provides the safest, most technologically modern piercing equipment on the market today. The Inverness 2000 system has a patented safety clutch (no butterfly clasp) which protects the client at home from accidentally over-tightening the earring to the ear. It is a hand-pressured instrument which allows for piercing accuracy. The thin, ultra sharp piercing post greatly reduces piercing sensation and is gentle on the ear.

The Inverness 2000 system is completely sterilized at an accredited facility, plus all piercing metals used are hypo-allergenic. The piercing studs are 100% encapsulated (virtually eliminating the chance of any ear piercing infection) and have a “Class 1” medical device designation.


How many ears have been pierced with the Inverness Systems?

A: The Inverness Ear Piercing System is used worldwide and has gently pierced over 300 millions pair of ears. Associates are thoroughly trained in the Inverness ear piercing procedure.

Is ear piercing with the Inverness System safe?

A: YES! The Inverness Ear Piercing System is 100% safe. The earrings are sterilized and stored in capsules, not even the point of the earring is exposed until it is safely inserted into the ear. All Inverness piercing earrings are either Nickel-free or hypo-allergenic, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reaction.

Doesn’t Ear Piercing hurt?

A: The Inverness Ear Piercing System is fast and very gently. Most people feel no discomfort during the piercing.

Is it safe to pierce infants and children?

A: YES! Inverness does recommend, however that babies have up to date shots. We will pierce the ears of infants 3 months and older.

How long does it take for an ear piercing to heal?

A: Inverness recommends that the piercing earrings are left in for 6 weeks after an earlobe piercing.