First Time to a Salon

First Time to a Salon! Questions & Advice.

One of our most popular questions is “How should I prepare my baby/child for their First Haircut?” There are many things you can do to get you both ready:

Make a Routine.

Comb or brush their hair every day. For longer hair try using a detangler (Original Sprout-Miracle Detangler) and a special detangling brush.

Make it a Game.

Play “hair salon” at home, spray a little water on their hair. Let them use a doll or action figure as a “client” in their very own salon.

Make it Familiar.

Feel free to come into Zsa Zsa’s Hair Salon any time in advance of the First Haircut so that he/she can become comfortable with their new surroundings and the people. If it is a quiet time at the salon allow them to sit in one of the fun chairs for a test drive.

Make an Appointment.

Right after nap/meal time is usually a good time so that he/she is rested and well fed. For a quieter visit time, try coming on a weekday during school hours. Come a little early so that he/she has some time to adjust to their surroundings.

Be Prepared.

We have many toys, books and lollipops, but if your child has a favourite snack or toy bring that along with you. We also suggest to bring a change of clothes, just in case they don’t want to wear their cape.

We Get It.

We fully understand and it’s perfectly normal for a new experience to be a little scary. So please don’t be embarrassed if your child cries or puts up a fuss. Don’t worry we all get it!

Relax and Smile!

The best way to prepare your child is by helping them feel safe and secure. They are very perceptive! If you are apprehensive about a trim, your child will take their cues from you, and is more likely to become upset.

Don’t forget your camera and ask us about our First Haircut Package!

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