Swimmers Hair-Chlorine & Damage

Our children love the water and swimming lessons are all part of growing up, the problem is the Chlorine. Chlorine not only gets on the hair but it also gets into the hair. This is especially a problem with children’s fine hair. Chlorine build up can your hair sticky, brittle, shiny (not a good shiny), tangle and sometimes even turn it green. Parents can do some simple things to help prevent chlorine build up.

Before Swimming:
  • thoroughly wet your children’s hair with fresh water (not pool water), your hair strands are similar to sponges and will soak up the fresh water, this will then leave less room for the chlorine to be soaked up.
  • for girls with longer hair a simple tighter braid will help when it comes time to get out of the pool.
  • you may use a conditioner to coat the hair strands before swimming as well. Wet the hair and put a bit of conditioner through and evenly distribute.
After Swimming:
  • make sure that you thoroughly rinse the hair immediately after swimming. You want to make sure that you get all of the chlorine (or salt) out of the hair.
  • shampoo with a swimmers shampoo (a clarifying shampoo)
  • follow that with a deep conditioner

Zsa Zsa’s Hair Salon carries Original Sprout products, these products have ingredients in them that help protect against chlorine build up on the hair.