Tangles, Tangles and more Tangles…the tricks to detangling

Detangling your children’s hair can be very time consuming, frustrating (for both parent and child) and sometimes even very upsetting or tearful. Below are some tips to help you through de-tangling your little ones hair.

  • when shampooing gently massage the shampoo through the hair instead of vigorously lathering the shampoo.
  • use a deep conditioner/leave in conditioner in their hair and comb the hair immediately after the conditioning while the hair is still wet.
  • gently towel dry the hair, the more you scrunch and move the towel through the hair the more tangles you are creating.
  • for children that have longer hair you can try sleeping with the hair in loose braids to help prevent tangles.
  • before coming the hair out, start by spraying the hair with a detangler.
  • use a wide tooth comb and always start at the ends and slowly work your way up towards the scalp. This helps to not create a massive bunch of tangles.

We recommend using the Original Sprout line of products to help with your tangles!